Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Arne : Make haste to meet the gen'rous vine : illustration

Make haste to meet the gen'rous vine
(A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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This glee gained a Catch Club prize medal in 1769.
Lyrics: J. V. Lake

Make haste to meet the gen'rous vine,
Whose piercing is for thee delayed;
The rosy wreath is ready made,
And artful hands prepare
The fragrant oil that shall perfume thy hair.
Fresh roses here with myrtle twine;
Like Daphne all is fair and sweet,
But simple, all without deceit.
My wine from art is free,
Which never woman was, nor e'er will be.
When nectar sparkles from afar
And the free-hearted friend cries "Come away,
Make haste, resign thy business, and thy care,
No mortal int'rest can be worth thy stay".
Here mirth resides, here Bacchus' rites are due;
Come drink til every taper shines like two,
Til whining love in bumpers deep be drowned,
And all things like the circling glass go round.