Benjamin Milgrove
(1731 - 1810)

Milgrove : Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness : illustration

Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness
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Milgrove was Precentor of the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel in Bath (see illustration). This setting comes from "Twelve hymns and a favourite lyric poem written by Doctor Watts; set to music for four, and five voices, with organ accompaniments.... " Printed for the author, and sold at his house in Bond Street, Bath, 1781. The general congregation (sometimes divided into men and women) should sing the Air, accompanying harmonies to be taken by the choir.
Lyrics: Augustus Toplady

Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness, pierce the clouds of sinful night;
Come, thou source of sweetest gladness, breathe thy life, and spread thy light!
Loving Spirit, God of peace, great distributor of grace,
Rest upon this congregation! Hear, O hear our supplication.

From that height which knows no measure, as a gracious show'r descend;
Bringing down the richest treasure man can wish or God can send.
O Thou GLORY shining down from the FATHER and the SON,
Grant us thy illumination! Rest upon this congregation.

Come, thou best of all donations GOD can give, or we implore;
Having thy sweet consolations, we need wish for nothing more:
Come with unction and with pow'r, on our souls thy graces show'r;
Author of our new creation, make our hearts thy habitation.

Manifest thy love for ever; fence us in on ev'ry side;
In distress be our reliever; guard and teach, support and guide:
Let thy kind, effectual grace turn our feet from evil ways;
Shew thyself our new creator and conform us to thy nature.

Be our friend, on each occasion: GOD omnipotent to save!
When we die be our salvation; when we're buried, be our grave:
And, when from the grave we rise, take us up above the skies;
Seat us with thy saints in glory, there for ever to adore thee.