Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Arne : The Street Intrigue : illustration

The Street Intrigue
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Arne had a not inconsiderable reputation amongst his colleagues for importuning their wives. This catch, then, is a case of art imitating nature. This edition comprises a modern realisation, and a statement of the piece in its original specialised format.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

"Hark you, my dear, come hither,
Afford me a moment's delay;
Where would you run, say whither,
Shall you and I go to the play?
Nay don't be afraid, come, come you jade
Before the gallery's full;
The play is fine and the pantomime's
Europa astride on a bull."

"Oh fie! sir, I can't, sir, Lord!
What will the neighbours say?
They'll all tell my mother
I went with a man to the play.
Let me be gone. I tremble.
Excuse me now I must entreat
Or else be chidden and pinch'd and drubb'd
For talking with you in the street".

"So Mistress Minx,have I caught you?
Hey day, what doings are here"
Come home you slut, Odd rot it,
And draw my customers' beer.
Sir, loosen her hand and go to the Stand,
The market for impudent whores;
If e'er she flirts it with you again,
I'll turn her out of my doors".