John Stafford Smith
(1750 - 1836)

Smith : Let us, my Lesbia, live and love : illustration

Let us, my Lesbia, live and love
(A.T.B. + reduction)
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Published in Warren's eighteenth collection of catches and glees. The piece is offered at original pitch: this is the least-worst solution since any transposition causes other problems, due to the wide range accorded to each individual part.
Lyrics: Catullus (trans. Anon)

Let us, my Lesbia live and love,
Nor cast a moment's thought away,
Whether a peevish world approve,
Or what they think, or what they say.
The sun that sets shall rise again,
But when our short lived day is o'er,
One long eternal night must reign,
A lasting sleep to wake no more.
Let us then live and love today
And kiss the fleeting hours away.