Samuel Webbe
(1740 - 1816)

Webbe : Around the festive board : illustration

Around the festive board
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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Between 1763 and 1794 Thomas Warren published, through differing publishers, an annual collection of catches, canons and glees, under the aegis of the Catch Club. This item was published in the eighteenth collection.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Around the festive board we social join,
Quaffing full draughts of mirth-inspiring wine;
The toast goes round, and beauty's happy reign
Is here exalted, by each cheerful strain.
But what if beauty should with love conspire,
To treat with proud disdain our am'rous fire;
Dethrone the tyrants, and your freedom gain,
By fixing Bacchus evermore to reign.