Samuel Webbe
(1740 - 1816)

Webbe : Delusive, sightless god : illustration

Delusive, sightless god
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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This setting of a portion of Cawthorn's "Abelard to Eloisa" was published in Warren's eighteenth collection made for the Catch Club.
Lyrics: James Cawthorn

Delusive, sightless god of warm desire,
Why would'st thou wish to set a wretch on fire?
Why lives thy soft divinity
Where woe heaves the pale sigh
And anguish loves to glow?
Fly to the mead, the daisy painted vale,
Breathe in its sweets, and melt along the gale.
Fly where gay scenes luxurious youths employ,
Where ev'ry moment steals the wing of joy;
There may'st thou see, low prostrate at thy throne,
Devoted slaves and victims all thy own.
Each village swain the turf-built shrine shall raise,
And kings command whole hecatombs to blaze.
But oh, what conflicts this frail bosom tear,
What griefs I suffer, and what pangs I bear;
Oblivion, be thy blackest plume display'd
O'er all my griefs, and hide me in the shade!