Melchior Franck
(c.1579 - 1639)

Quantas ostendisti mihi
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From Promptuarii musici (vol. 1), 1611.
Lyrics: Psalm 71, v.20-24

Quantas ostendisti mihi tribulationes multas et malas, et conversus vivificasti me: et de abyssis terrae iterum reduxisti me.
Multiplicasti magnificentiam tuam et conversus consolatus es me.
Nam et ego confitebor tibi in vasis psalmi veritatem tuam Deus: psallam tibi in cithara Sanctus Israhel.
Exultabunt labia mea cum cantavero tibi: et anima mea quam redemisti.
Sed et lingua mea tota die meditabitur iustitiam tuam: cum confusi et reveriti fuerint qui quaerunt mala mihi.

O what great troubles and adversities hast thou shewed me, and yet didst thou turn and refresh me: yea, and broughtest me from the deep of the earth again.
Thou hast brought me to great honour: and comforted me on every side.
Therefore will I praise thee and thy faithfulness, O God, playing upon an instrument of musick: unto thee will I sing upon the harp, O thou Holy One of Israel.
My lips will be fain when I sing unto thee: and so will my soul whom thou hast delivered.
My tongue also shall talk of thy righteousness all the day long: for they are confounded and brought unto shame that seek to do me evil.