Giovanni Croce
(c.1557 - 1609)

Croce : O Jesu amabilissime : illustration

O Jesu amabilissime
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Christmas setting from Motetti a otto voce, Venice, 1603. Instruments may be used to replace or reinforce the voices. This edition is offered at original pitch.
Lyrics: Anon

O Jesu amabilissime qui servi formam recipis,
Te exoro.
O caeli puer sanctissime qui mundi carnem suscepis,
Te imploro.
O Deus clementissime, ortum lumen de lumine
quasi imber super gramine.
Adoramus te hominem.
Refulsit lux mortalibus.
Defendit pax hominibus.
Refulget in praesepio
iacet in diversorio.
Lux aeterna, pax superna,
Ave sancte Rex Israel,
factus nobis Emanuel,
Sicut praedixit Gabriel.

O most loving Jesus, who adopts the body of a slave,
I beg of you.
O most holy boy from heaven, who takes on worldly flesh,
I implore you.
O most merciful God, light of light risen
like dew on the grass,
I adore you as a man.
He shines, a light to mortals.
He defends the peace of mankind.
He glitters in the manger
and lies at the inn.
Eternal light, heavenly peace,
Hail holy king of Israel,
Emmanuel, made for us,
As Gabriel foretold.