Hans Leo Hassler
(1564 - 1612)

Hassler : O pie pelicane a 3 : illustration

O pie pelicane a 3
(T.T.B. or S.S.B.)
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Eucharistic setting for T.T.B. but the source also directs that it may be performed S.S.B.

An arrangement from Promptuarii Musici concentus ecclesiasticos, Strassburg, 1627 of Hassler's five-part motet.
Lyrics: Anon

O pie pelicane, Jesu dulcissime, salus et vita,
qui roseo cruore nos reficis et carne tua pascis,
veni et moesta corda ab omnia macula semper emunda.

O worshipful pelican, most sweet Jesus, salvation and life,
who refreshes us with thy rosy blood and feeds us with thy flesh,
come and by your sorrowful heart cleanse us from all stain for evermore.