Henry Harington
(1727 - 1816)

Harington : The Fair Bath Auctioneer : illustration

The Fair Bath Auctioneer
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"The Fair Bath auctioneer, or, who bids for me
Compos'd by the author of "The Alderman's Thumb", "How sweet in the woodlands"
"Turn fair Clora" - "Sing old rose" - &c. &c.
London, Printed by Longman and Broderip.
and Sold by Messrs. Linterns, Bath."
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Art thou the youth who bids for me?
For once a special bargain see:
Thy lot, a kind consenting wife,
Will join thine own pursuits of life.
Who bids for me?

Dost thou to drinking joys incline?
I'll pledge in bumpers more divine;
Nor like a flinching toper be,
But love's rich nectar quaff with thee.
Who bids for me?

Should'st thou the gambling rage possess,
I'll stake with thee life's happiness;
Nor cheat thee with delusive art,
But fairly win thy constant heart.
Who bids for me?

Thy wonted pleasures I'll partake;
Nor song, nor dance will e'er forsake.
I'll ditties chant - Thou smiling see
Dear infants cap'ring round thy knee.
Who bids for me?

The well-trod stage shall make us know
That tears are due to human woe,
That honest hearts and harmless mirth
Present the scenes of heav'n on earth.
Who bids for me?

Improving still the joys of youth,
We'll blend our constancy and truth;
Thus taste the bliss of years untold
And feel the mind at peace, when old.
Who bids for me?