Richard John Samuel Stevens
(1757 - 1837)

From Oberon in Fairyland
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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"As Performed at Messrs. Harrison & Knyvett's vocal concerts".
Lyrics: Ben Jonson

From Oberon in Fairyland,
The king of ghosts and shadows there,
We fairies all at his command
Are sent to view the night sports here.

What revel rout is kept about.
In ev'ry corner where we go
We will o'ersee, and merry be,
And make good sport with "Ho, ho, ho."

When lads and lasses merry be,
With possets and with junkets fine,
Unseen of all the company
We eat their cakes and sip their wine.

O then what sport: the wine runs short,
The blushing cheeks with anger glow;
Their cakes they miss, and shriek "Who's this?"
We answer naught but "Ho, ho, ho."

By wells and rills in meadows green,
We nightly dance our heyday guise;
And to our fairy king and queen
We chant our moonlight minstrelsies.

Fiends, ghosts and sprites, who haunt the nights,
The hags and goblins do us know;
And beldames old our feats have told;
So frolic it with "Ho, ho, ho."