Agostino Soderini
(fl.1595 - 1610)

O Maria, quis est infans
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Christ-tide motet from Sacrarum Cantionum octo et novem vocibus liber primus, Milan 1598.
Lyrics: Anon

O Maria, quis est infans
inter arcta vagiens praesepia?
Verbum caro, panis verus,
Mundo Rector, caeli Deus.
O Maria, cur adorant collaudantes
Bos asellus et pastores?
Quia caeli comprensores Dei
concinunt amores, exultate venerantes.
Imo plaudimus psallentes,
et hymnorum dulcisona multiplicamus cantica.

O Mary, who is that infant
weeping in a narrow stall?
Word made flesh, the true bread,
Ruler of the world and God of the heavens.
O Mary, why do ox, ass and shepherds worship,
joining in praise together?
Because they discern the Lord of heaven,
sing of their love, and rejoice worshipfully.
Let us, dancing, offer praise,
and multiply our songs with sweet-sounding hymns.