Richard John Samuel Stevens
(1757 - 1837)

She is faithless and I am undone
(S.S.B. (or T.T.B.))
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Stevens included this glee for S.S.B. in his collection "expressly composed for ladies". In a more knowing age, it is probably better to use tenors in preference to sopranos, thereby avoiding connotations (unrecognised by Stevens) of tribadism.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

She is faithless and I am undone,
Ye that witness the woes I endure,
Let reason instruct you to shun
What it cannot instruct you to cure.
Beware how you loiter in vain
Amid nymphs of an higher degree;
It is not for me to explain
How fair and how fickle they be.

O ye woods, spread your branches apace,
To your deepest recesses I fly;
I would hide with the beasts of the chase,
I would vanish from every eye;
Yet my reed shall resound through the grove,
With the same sad complaint it begun;
How she smiled, and I could not but love,
Is faithless and I am undone.