Christian Erbach
(c.1568 - 1636)

Sanctificavit Dominus tabernaculum suum
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A motet for use at the dedication of a church, or on the anniversary thereof. This edition has been prepared consulting Promptuarii musici (vol. 2), 1612.
Lyrics: Anon

Sanctificavit Dominus tabernaculum suum:
Quia haec est domus Dei in qua invocabitur nomen eius de qua scriptum est:
et erit nomen meum ibi: dicit Dominus. Alleluia.

The Lord hath sanctified his tabernacle:
For this is the house of God, in which his name shall be invoked of which it is written:
"And my name shall be there" sayeth the Lord. Alleluia.