John Wall Callcott
(1766 - 1821)

Callcott : Oh thou, where'er : illustration

Oh thou, where'er
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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This setting of a portion of Chatterton's "middle English" confection "Songe to Aella, Lorde of the castel of Brystowe ynne daies of yore" earned Callcott a Prize Medal from the Catch Club in 1789.
Lyrics: Thomas Chatterton

Oh thou, where'er (thie bones att reste)
Thie sprite to haunt delyghteth beste,
Whether uppon the bloude embrewedde pleyne,
Orr whare thou kennst fromme farre,
The dysmal crie of warre,
Orr seest somme mountayne made of corse of sleyne;

Or fierie rounde the mynster glare;
Lette Brystowe stylle bee made thie care.
Guarde ytte fromme foemenne and consumynge fyre,
Lycke Avone's streme ensyrke ytt rounde;
Ne lett a flame enharme the grounde,
Tyll in one flame, all the whole worlde expyres.