J. Matthews
(fl. 1800)

Matthews : The Royal Machine : illustration

The Royal Machine
(S.S.S. or T.T.T.)
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A new catch on sea bathing. J. Matthews. 1800. Publish'd for the author. J. Matthews music seller. No. 3, George Street, Bath. Enter'd at Stationers Hall.

George III made sea bathing fashionable after having a bathing machine constructed in Weymouth in 1789, and spending annual holidays there throughout the 1790s. In the longer term, his enthusiasm presaged the rise of the seaside towns and the decline of the inland spas as popular resorts.
Lyrics: Anon. probably the composer

To be in a rough sea, in the royal machine
That is stout-built and clean;
If a lady be in, how delightful the scene.