Samuel Webbe (junr.)
(1768 - 1843)

The Wood-Nymph
(S.S.B. (or T.T.B.))
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Lyrics: John Lee Lewes

Gentle stranger, have you seen
A wood-nymph pass this way?
A blue-eyed maid of cheerful mien,
Attired in green array.
A bugle in her hand she bore,
Which loud and oft she blew;
And buskins on her feet she wore,
Gemmed with the silver dew.

Oft, at the early peep of morn,
She courts this sylvan scene;
And winds her joy inspiring horn,
Melodious o'er the green.
Responsive echo swells the lay
In loud resounding strains;
And wafts the dying harmony
O'er all the neighb'ring plains.

A graceful nymph this morn I've seen,
With glitt'ring zone displayed;
And, as she brushed the dew-decked green,
I hailed the beauteous maid.
Swift as the fearful hind she flies,
When hounds and horns pursue;
And up yon sloping woodland hies
To join the huntress crew.