Legh Richmond
(1772 - 1827)

Ossian's address to the sun
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Richmond was a clergyman and amateur composer of glees. He is credited with the invention and introduction of the hymnboard with moveable numbers.

The current item was printed for the Harmonic Society of Cambridge.
Lyrics: Ossian (James MacPherson)

Thou who rollest in the firmament, round as the shield of my fathers,
whence is thy girdle of glory, O sun, anf thy light everlasting?
Forth thou comest in thy awful beauty; the stars at thy rising haste to their azure pavilions;
The moon sinks pale in the waters, but thou movest alone.
Who dareth to wander beside thee? Oaks of the mountain decay and the hard rock crumbles asunder;
ocean shrinks and grows again; lost is the moon in the heavens;
whilst thou remainest the same, to rejoice in thy brightness.
Although laden with storms be the wind, loud thunders be rolling;
though lightnings be glaring around, thou lookest from the clouds in thy beauty,
laughing at the storm.