Antonio Gualtieri
(1574 - 1661)

Quæramus cum pastoribus
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From Motecta Octonis Vocibus Antonii Gaultierii, Liber Primus. Venetiis. 1604.
Lyrics: Anon

Quaeramus cum pastoribus
Verbum incarnatum:
Cantemus cum hominibus
Regem seculorum. Noe.

Quem tu vides in stabulo?
Jesum natum de virgine.
Quid audis in praesepio?
Angelos cum carmine,
Et pastores dicentes: Noe.

Ubi pascas, ubi cubes?
Dic si ploras aut si rides,
Te rogamus, rex Christe. Noe
Cibus est lac de virgine,
Lectus durum praesepium,
Carmina sunt lacrymae. Noe.

Let us, with the shepherds, seek
The incarnate Word:
Let us, with all mankind, sing
For the King of all ages. Noel.

Who do you see in the stable?
Jesus, born of a virgin.
What do you hear in the manger?
Angels in song,
And shepherds saying: Noel.

Where will You eat? Where do You lie?
Tell us if You weep or smile,
We ask You, Christ the King. Noe.
The meal is the Virgin's milk,
The bed is a hard manger,
The songs are tears. Noel.