Luca Marenzio
(1556 - 1599)

Jubilate Deo omnis terra, cantate
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Edition prepared from Promptuarii musici (vol. 4), 1617.
Lyrics: Psalm 98, v. 4-9

Jubilate Deo, omnis terra; cantate, et exultate, et psallite.
Psallite Domino in cithara; in cithara et voce psalmi;
in tubis ductilibus, et voce tubæ corneæ. Jubilate in conspectu regis Domini:
moveatur mare, et plenitudo ejus; orbis terrarum, et qui habitant in eo.
Flumina plaudent manu; simul montes exsultabunt
a conspectu Domini: quoniam venit judicare terram. Judicabit orbem terrarum in justitia, et populos in æquitate.

Shew yourselves joyful unto the Lord, all ye lands: sing, rejoice, and give thanks.
Praise the Lord upon the harp: sing to the harp with a psalm of thanksgiving.
With trumpets also and shawms: O shew yourselves joyful before the Lord the King.
Let the sea make a noise, and all that therein is: the round world, and they that dwell therein.
Let the floods clap their hands, and let the hills be joyful together before the Lord: for he is come to judge the earth.
With righteousness shall he judge the world: and the people with equity.