Michael des Buissons
(fl.1560 - 1570)

Magi veniunt ab oriente
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Motet for Epiphany from Novi Thesauri Musici (book 1), Venice, 1568.

des Buisson's text "Magi venerunt" has been changed editorially to "Magi veniunt". The former is arguably more coherent grammmatically, the latter is the standard usage.
Lyrics: Anon

Magi veniunt ab oriente Hierosolimam
quaerentes et dicentes: ubi est qui natus est,
cuius stellam vidimus et ventimus adorare Dominum.
Interrogabit magos Herodes quod signum vidissent
super natum regem? Stellam magnam fulgentem
cuius splendor illuminat mundum et nos cognovimus.
Vidimus et venimus adorare Dominum.

The magi came to Jerusalem from the east,
searching and asking: where is he that has been born,
whose star we have seen, and have come to worship the Lord.
Herod questioned the magi what sign they had
above the new-born king? We recognised that brightly shining star
whose lustre lights the world and us.
We have seen, and have come to worship the Lord.