Pierre Certon
(c.1515 - 1572)

Certon : Cecilia virgo gloriosa : illustration

Cecilia virgo gloriosa
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From Petri Certon...recens modulorum editio (book 2), Paris, 1542.

A motet for St Cecilia's Day, used as the model for a parody mass by Pierre Clereau.
Lyrics: Anon

Cecilia virgo gloriosa semper evangelium Christi
gerebat in pectore suo;
non diebus neque noctibus a colloquiis divinis
et oratione vacabat.

Dum aurora finem daret, Cecilia dixit:
Eya milites Christi,
abjicite opera tenebrarum
et induimini arma lucis.

That glorious virgin Cecilia always carried
the gospel of Christ in her breast;
In neither day nor night did she cease
from communion with God or from prayer.

As dawn broke, Cecilia said:
'Huzza, soldiers of Christ,
Cast away the works of darkness
and wear the armour of light.