Johann Christoph Pepusch (arr.)
(1667 - 1752)

Can love be controlled by advice?
(2S./2T.B. and A.T.B.)
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Airs 7 and 8 from "The Excellent Choice, being a collection of the most favourite old song tunes in the Beggar's Opera, set for 3 voices in the manner of catches, or for two German flutes and a bass by Dr. Pepusch and the most eminent English masters." London, printed for I. Walsh c.1755.

Pepusch was dead by the time of this publication, and careful reading does not confirm categorically that this arrangement was his. Two harmonizations of the tune are given: one for equal voices and bass and the other (with the tune in the tenor) for A.T.B.
Lyrics: John Gay

Can love be controlled by advice,
Will Cupid our mothers obey?
Tho' my heart were as frozen as ice,
At his flame 'twould have melted away.
When he kissed me so closely he pressed,
'Twas so sweet that I must have complied;
So I thought it both safest and best
To marry for fear you should chide.