Samuel Arnold (arr.)
(1740 - 1802)

O be joyful
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"Anthem . . . for the use of cathedrals and country choirs, with a part for the Organ, Piano-Forte, &c. adapted to the celebrated Overture of Artaxerxes, by Dr Arnold, organist and composer to His Majesty, &c." London, 1785.

Artaxerxes was Thomas Arne's opera seria which achieved great popularity, and stayed in the repertoire until the mid-nineteenth century. This arrangement is as much a testament to the ubiquitous affection for Arne's piece as to Arnold's ingenuity. The phrase "country choirs" may be a generalised advertising puff, but it may equally well indicate the the anthem could be performed without organ accompaniment.
Lyrics: Medley of psalmic phrases

O be joyful unto the Lord; make his praise to be glorious.
O sing praises unto his name.
Sing praises unto the Lord who made the heaven and earth: who spake and they were made.
Who stilleth the raging of the sea, the noise of his waves and the madness of the people.
O come, let us worship and fall down and kneel before the Lord our maker: for he is a great God and we are the sheep of his hand.
Let every tongue his praise proclaim.
Hallelujah. Amen.