William Mineard Bennett
(1778 - 1858)

Bennett : The Stars of the Night Arise : illustration

The Stars of the Night Arise
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Bennett was born in Exeter and trained as a portrait painter (miniaturist) under Sir Thomas Lawrence. He also pursued the career of singer, moving to Bath in 1806 to study with Venanzio Rauzzini (whom he painted in that year), and participated both in concerts during the season, and in the catch club.
Lyrics: Ossian (James Macpherson)

The stars of the night arise, they shew their heads of fire through the flying mist of heaven. Still on the misty heath arose in my ear the tuneful voice of Carill.
He sang of the companions of our youth and the days of former years when we met in the hall and sent round the joy of the shell.
Oh, that thou would'st come when I am alone by night, O Carill.
Let the beams of our fame arise in the song of victory and be a light to ther days.