Johannes Nucius
(c.1556 - 1620)

Ab oriente venerunt magi
(S.A.A.T.B. (or S.A.T.T.B.))
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Epiphany motet from Cantionum sacrarum... liber primus, Legnica, 1609. This edition is offered at original pitch (high chiavette) for S.A.A.T.B. or transposed down a fourth for S.A.T.T.B.
Lyrics: Anon

Ab oriente venerunt magi
in Bethlehem adorare Dominum;
et apertis thesauris suis
preciosa munera obtulerunt ei:
aurum sicut regi magno,
thus sicut Deo vero,
myrrham sepulturae eius.

The wise men came from the East
unto Bethlehem to worship the Lord;
and from opened coffers
they offered precious gifts:
Gold, as if for a great king,
Incense, as if for the true God,
And myrrh for his burial rites.