Alvise Balbi
(c.1570 - c.1625)

Exultate Deo adjutori nostro
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From Ecclesiastici Concentus, Venice, 1606.
Lyrics: Psalm 81, v. 1-8

Exultate Deo adjutori nostro; jubilate Deo Jacob.
Sumite psalmum, et date tympanum; psalterium jucundum cum cythara.
Buccinate in neomenia tuba, in insigni die solemnitatis vestræ:
quia præceptum in Israël est, et judicium Deo Jacob.
Testimonium in Joseph posuit illud, cum exiret de terra Ægypti;
linguam quam non noverat, audivit.
Divertit ab oneribus dorsum ejus; manus ejus in cophino servierunt.
In tribulatione invocasti me, et liberavi te in abscondito tempestatis;
probavi te apud aquam contradictionis

Sing we merrily unto God our strength: make a cheerful noise unto the God of Jacob.
Take the psalm, bring hither the tabret: the merry harp with the lute.
Blow up the trumpet in the new-moon: even in the time appointed, and upon our solemn feast-day.
For this was made a statute for Israel: and a law of the God of Jacob.
This he ordained in Joseph for a testimony: when he came out of the land of Egypt,
and had heard a strange language.
I eased his shoulder from the burden: and his hands were delivered from making the pots.
Thou calledst upon me in troubles, and I delivered thee as the storm fell upon thee.
I proved thee also: at the waters of strife.