James Hook
(1746 - 1827)

Hook : In Yarrow Vale : illustration

In Yarrow Vale
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Written for performance at Vauxhall; Rosemond Mountain was the first singer.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

In Yarrow vale, by Yarrow stream,
Where love and youth and beauty stray,
Oft thro' the twilight's waving gleam
Sweet Mary traced the dewy way.
She lov'd the meads, the tow'ring trees,
The fanning of the Western gale,
Yet sigh'd for something still to please,
By Yarrow stream, in Yarrow Vale.

In Yarrow Vale, by Yarrow dream,
Sweet pleasure reigns, the pensive said;
Here shades indulge the shepherd's dream
And zephyrs soothe the slumbering maid;
While I in languor range each grove,
List'ning the lonely woodlark's wail,
And the maids unheeded rove,
By Yarrow stream, in Yarrow Vale.

In Yarrow Vale, by Yarrow stream,
Nature his friend - his guardian love,
Colin, beneath the moon,s soft beam
Had followed Mary thro' the grove:
He looked - she blushed; he spoke - she sighed:
No words are made to tell the tale;
"Oh, charming meads and groves", she cried
By Yarrow stream, in Yarrow Vale.