Tiburtio Massaino
(c.1550 - 1609)

Hodie Salvator mundi
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From Sacri modulorum Concentus (Op. 31), Venice 1606.
Lyrics: Anon

Hodie Salvator mundi natus est: venite adoremus. Noe.
Puer natus est nobis, et filius datus est nobis. Noe.
Et vocabitur nomen eius Emmanuel, Deus fortis, Princeps pacis, Pater futuri sæculi. Noe.
Lætentur cœli et exultet terra: quia Salvator noster natus est de Virgine Maria. Noe.

This day the Saviour of the world is born: come let us adore hom. Noel.
Unto us a son is born and unto us a son is given. Noel.
And his name shall be called Emmanuel, Mighty God, Prince of peace, Father of ages to come. Noel.
The heavens shall rejoice and the earth shall be glad for our Saviour is born of the Virgin Mary. Noel.