Jacopo Corfini
(.1540 - 1591)

Omnes gentes plaudite
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From Concerti di Iacopo Corfini, Venice, 1591.
Lyrics: Psalm 47, vv.2,3; extracts from Maccabees

Omnes gentes, plaudite manibus; jubilate Deo in voce exultationis:
quoniam Dominus excelsus, terribilis, rex magnus super omnem terram,
qui magna fecit in Israel, et victoriam dedit illis, Dominus omnipotens.
Et facta est lætitia magna in populo.

O clap your hands together, all ye people; O sing unto God with the voice of melody:
for the Lord is high, and to be feared: he is the great King upon all the earth,
who had done great things for Israel, and given them the victory, Almighty Lord.
And great joy was fomented amongst the people.