Pierre Certon
(c.1515 - 1572)

M'amie un jour
(S.A.T.T. (or A.T.T.B.))
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This edition is offered at published pitch for S.A.T.T. or transposed down a fourth for A.T.T.B.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Mon amie un jour le dieu Mars désarma,
comme il dormait sous la verte ramée
et s'arma de l'arme et de la cuirasse,
tenant en main la hâche envenimée.
Mars, s'éveillant, lui dit: "Ma bien aimée,
j'ai de tes yeux la puissance connue.
Pourquoi t'es tu encontre moi armée?
Veux que tu peux me vaincre toute nue".

One day my girlfriend disarmed the god Mars,
who was sleeping by a grassy bank,
taking his weapons and breast-plate,
and grasping his poisoned axe.
Waking, Mars said to her, "I'm familiar
with the power of your eyes, love;
Why are you accosting me in a suit of armour?
Seeing you, you could conquer me in your birthday suit".