Claudin de Sermisy
(c.1490 - 1562)

Jouissance vous donnerai
(S.A.T.B. (or A.T.T.B.))
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A setting of Marot's text which was very popular in its day. A version, distilled for dancing to pipe and tabor, appears in Arbeau's [Tabourot's] Orchésographie (1589). That version was used as the Basse Dance in his Capriol Suite (1929) by Philip Heseltine, writing as Peter Warlock. This edition is offered at original pitch for S.A.T.B. or transposed down a fourth for A.T.T.B.
Lyrics: Clément Marot

Jouissance vous donnerai
mon ami, je vous mènerai
Là où prétend vôtre ésperance
Vivant ne vous laisserai.
Encore quand mort serai
L'éprit en aura souvenance.

I will give you joy my friend,
and will take you
There where your hope lies.
I will not leave you while I live.
And, when I am dead,
My spirit will still remember.