William Horsley
(1774 - 1858)

O cruel Amarillis
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Published London, 1801. An antiquarian excursion in minims: the time values have been halved in this edition. Horsley was an enthusiastic early-adopter of the metronome: tempo markings are his own.
Lyrics: Giovanni Battista Guarini

O cruel Amarillis,
O nymph, more sweet and fair
Than fairest lillies are;
Since speaking I offend,
Silent I'll seek my end,
But yet for me the hills
And ev'ry vale shall loudly cry.
Fountains shall weep for me;
Hoarse winds to ev'ry tree
Shall tell my mournful tale;
And in my cheek all pale
Shall grief and pity speak:
And, should all other things be mute,
My hapless end shall speak,
My death shall tell thee
Thou my heart did'st break.