John Wall Callcott
(1766 - 1821)

Callcott : The Tomb of Shakespeare : illustration

The Tomb of Shakespeare
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Published in Callcott's first collection of glees, etc. London, c.1790.
Lyrics: John Gilbert Cooper

What time the jocund rosy bosomed hours
Led forth the train of Phœbus and the spring,
And Zephyr mild profusely scattered flowers
On earth's green mantle from his musky wing;
On Avon's banks I strayed, whose streams appear
To wind with eddies fond round Shakespeare's tomb:
The year's first feathery songsters warble near,
And vi'lets beathe, and earliest roses bloom.
There Fancy sat, her dewy fingers cold,
Decking with flow'rets fresh th'unsullied sod,
And bathed with tears the sad sepulchral mould,
Her fav'rite offspring's long and last abode.