John Hilton (the younger)
(c.1599 - 1657)

Here is an old ground
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An item from Hilton's collection, Catch that Catch can, London 1658. The "old ground", stated as bars 1-8, is Browning, a popular song of the 1590s which was popular with composers as the basis for instrumental variations. The allusion would not have been lost on Hilton's performers.

This edition comprises a modern realisation, and a statement of the piece in its original format.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Here is an old ground;
If right it be sung, 'twill prove a round.
Then hold it true Dick, and sing your notes quick
For you'll find a crafty trick.
Therefore sing your notes quick,
and hold true your prick.
Then merrily we will agree,
Three parts in unity.