John Stafford Smith
(1750 - 1836)

Smith : Too late for redress : illustration

Too late for redress
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Pub. 1781 in A Miscellaneous Collection.
Lyrics: ?Cox

Too late for redress, and too soon for my ease,
I saw you, I lov'd, and I wish'd I could please;
I fancied your eyes read the language of mine,
And saw my love's image reflected on thine.
The flatterer hope to my ruin led on,
And taught me to judge of your heart by my own:
Self-love was at hand the fond wish to persuade
That my friendship was equall'd, my passion repaid.

But awak'd from this dream, 'tis with anguish I find
Words and looks were but civil, which once I thought kind;
Its colour no longer false fancy will lend
To paint the fond lover, or image the friend:
Then be still, my fond heart, or bear thee to rest;
I'll drive this tormentor, this love, from my breast:
I'll break the gay bauble which fancy has made,
And punish the heart which self-love has betray'd.