Ein Kindelein so löbelich a 3
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c.1602. The arrangement is unattributed, but may be by the copyist/compiler of the manuscript, Christoph Perckhover. The original specification is for three equal voices. In this edition the melody has been transposed up an octave, the better to highlight it in what is a somewhat opaque setting.
Lyrics: Anon

Ein Kindelein so löbelich
ist uns geboren heute,
von einer Jungfrau säuberlich,
zu Trost uns armen Leuten.
Wär' uns das Kind'lein nicht gebor'n
so wär'n wir allzumal verlor'n.
Das Heil ist unser alle.
Ei, du süßer Jesu Christ,
die weil du Mensch geboren bist,
behiet uns vor der Hölle.

Such a lovely child
is born to us today,
of a virgin and in a seemly manner,
as succour for us lowly people.
Had the child not been born
we were entirely bereft.
This salvation is our everything.
Hail, sweetest Jesus Christ,
For your birth in human form
shelters us from perdition.