Louis Bourgeois
(c.1510 - 1559)

Un soir bien tard
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From Moderne's Parangon des Chansons, cinquiesme livre, 1539.
Lyrics: Anon

Un soir bien tard je vis Roland
qui accoulait une fillette,
et la menait en vie en virolant
cuidant fringuer en sa couchette.
"Plus proceder" dit la fillette
"est impossible maintenant,
car je connais que la brayette
n'a pirouet ni vie volant".

So I seen Roland late one night
and he's getting this bint going,
twirling her round
like they was about to to bonk on her bunk.
"You're getting no further" says the bint,
"that just isn't happening;
I reckon that codpiece
won't flip-flop or fly".