Andreas Hakenberger
(c.1574 - 1627)

Portæ Jerusalem
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Motet for use at the dedication of a church, from Harmonia Sacra, Frankfurt, 1617.
Lyrics: Tobit 13:21-23

Portæ Jerusalem ex sapphyro et smaragdo aedificabuntur, et ex lapide pretioso omnis circuitus murororum eius.
Ex lapido candido et mundo omnes plateæ eius sternentur, et per vicos eius alleluia cantabitur.
Benedictus Dominus qui exaltavit eam, ut sit regnum eius in sæcula sæculorum super eam. Amen.

For Jerusalem shall be built up with sapphires and emeralds, and her city walls with precious stones.
And the streets of Jerusalem shall be paved with beryl and carbuncle and stones of Ophir, and all her streets shall say, Alleluia.
And they shall praise him, saying, Blessed be God, which hath extolled it for ever.