Jacob Handl
(1550 - 1591)

Planxit David
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From Tertius Tomus Musici Operis, Prague, 1587.
Lyrics: Anon

Planxit David rex Absalon natum suum:
O nate mi, cur non licet pro te mori?
Fili parentum nobilis sanguis, iaces,
spes alta regni, cura divorum potens!
Eheu, dolor.

Diadema, sceptrum, regium nomen vale;
Natus meorum ille dux fortis iacet.
Fili, fili, fili quid istud? Corde confosso impie?
O Absalon, dilecte mi fili, vale.
Eheu, dolor.

King David lamented for Absalon his son:
O my child, why could I not die in your stead?
You lie in death, scion of parents of noble blood,
the high hope of the kingdom, the mighty concern of the angels!
Alas, grief.

Farewell diadem, sceptre and royal name;
My son, that strong leader, lies in death.
O son, how is it? With an heart pierced in wickedness?
Farewell, O Absalon, my beloved son.
Alas, grief.