Andreas Hakenberger
(c.1574 - 1627)

Beatus qui intelligit
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From Harmonia Sacra, Frankfurt, 1617. In this motet Hakenberger combines two texts of prayer for the poor: a passage from Psalm 40 (Vulgate) set for double choir, together with a complementary text from a different source as the cantus firmus in the tenor. Justification by works, red in tooth and claw.
Lyrics: Psalm 41: 2-5

Beatus qui intelligit super egenum et pauperem: in die mala liberabit eum Dominus.
Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra: et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius.
Dominus opem ferat illi super lectum doloris eius: universum stratum eius versasti in infirmitate eius.
Ego dixi: Domine, miserere mei: sana animam meam, quia peccavi tibi.

Date nobis, dabitur vobis regnum cœlorum pauperibus.

Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy: the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble.
The Lord preserve him, and keep him alive, that he may be blessed upon earth: and deliver not thou him into the will of his enemies.
The Lord comfort him, when he lieth sick upon his bed: make thou all his bed in his sickness.
I said: Lord, be merciful unto me: heal my soul, for I have sinned against thee.

Give unto us, and the kingdom of heaven will be granted to you worthless folk.