Franz Joseph Haydn (arr.)
(1732 - 1809)

Haydn (arr.) : Shepherds, I have lost my love : illustration

Shepherds, I have lost my love
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Haydn's arrangement of a song sometimes attributed to Stephen Storace, but more likely to be a traditional air, often referred to as "The Banks of Banna".
Lyrics: Anon

Shepherds, I have lost my love;
Have you seen my Anna?
Pride of every shady grove
Upon the banks of Banna.
I for her my home forsook
Near yon misty mountain,
Left my flock, my pipe, my crook,
Greenwood shade and fountain.

Never shall I see them more
Until her returning;
All the joys of life are o'er,
From gladness changed to mourning.
Whither is my charmer flown?
Shepherds, tell me whither;
Ah! woe for me, perhaps she's gone
For ever and for ever.