John Danby
(c.1757 - 1798)

Soft o'er the mountain's purple brow
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Published in Danby's Third Collection of Catches, Canons and Glees, 1796.
Lyrics: Ann Radcliffe

Soft o'er the mountain's purple brow
Meek twilight draws her shadows grey:
From tufted woods and valleys low,
Light's magic colours steal away.
Yet still, amid the spreading gloom,
Resplendent glow the western waves,
That roll o'er Neptune's coral caves,
A zone of light on ev'ning's dome.
On this lone summit let me rest,
And view the forms to fancy dear,
Till on the ocean's darken'd breast
The stars of ev'ning tremble clear;
Or till the moon's plain orb appear,
And throws a line of radiance wide,
Far o'er the lightly-curling tide.
No sounds o'er silence now prevail,
Save of the dying wave below,
Or sailor's song borne on the gale,
Or oar at distance striking slow.
So sweet, so tranquil may my ev'ning ray
Set to this world and rise in future day.