John Stanley
(1712 - 1786)

Leave me, shepherd
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From "Calliope or English Harmony. A Collection of the most celebrated English and Scots songs", London, 1746. Many of the songs from this collection were probably composed for the London pleasure gardens, particularly Vauxhall.
Lyrics: Anon

Leave me, shepherd, leave me,
Give o'er your artful wiles;
Ev'ry look deceives me,
And ev'ry word beguiles.
If I yield, you sure will fly,
I must repent and mourn:
Shepherd, 'tis too soon to try
What 'tis to be forlorn.

Why are you pursuing
To urge me to my fate,
To contrive my ruin,
And prove yourself ingrate?
If I yield, you sure will fly,
I must repent and mourn:
Still I can't forbear to try
What 'tis to be forlorn.

Joys which lovers borrow
Some few sweet moments make;
Years of grief and sorrow
They in exchange must take.
It is madness to be wise,
When Cupid bends his bow;
Ev'ry sense then open lies
To entertain the foe.