James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

Let the nymph still avoid
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From "Calliope and Euterpe or British Harmony", London, 1762; a collection of songs, many of which were composed for the London pleasure gardens.
Lyrics: Tobias Smollett

Let the nymph still avoid and be deaf to the swain
Who in transports of passion affects to complain,
For his rage, and his love, in that frenzy is shewn,
And the blast that blows loudest is soon overblown.

But the shepherd whom Cupid has pierc'd to the heart
Will submissive adore, and rejoice at the smart;
Or, in plaintive soft murmurs, his bosom-felt woe
Like the smooth gliding current of rivers will flow.

Tho' silent his tongue he will plead with his eyes,
And his heart own your sway in a tribute of sighs;
But when he accosts you in meadow, or grove,
His tale is so tender, he loves like a dove.