Maurice Greene
(1696 - 1755)

Ah, welladay
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Probably performed at the London pleasure gardens; published in "Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony", London 1762.
Lyrics: Anon

The blithest bird that sings in May
Was ne'er more blithe, was ne'er more gay
Than I, ah welladay.
E'er Colin yet had learned to sigh,
Or I to guess the reason why;
Oh Love! ah welladay.

We kiss'd, we toy'd, but neither knew
From whence these fond endearments grew,
Till he, ah, welladay,
By time and other swains made wise,
Began to talk of hearts and eyes,
And love. Ah welladay.

Kind nature now took Colin's part,
My eyes inform'd against my heart.
My heart, ah welladay,
Straight glow'd with thrilling sympathy,
And echoed back each gentle sigh,
Each sigh; ah welladay.

Can love, alas, by words be shewn?
He ask'd a proof, a tender one;
While I, ah welladay,
In silence blush'd a fond reply:
Can she that truly loves deny?
Ah no, ah welladay.