Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Arne : Valentine's day : illustration

Valentine's day
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Probably performed at the London pleasure gardens; published in "Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony", London 1762.
Lyrics: Anon

When blushes dy'd the cheek of morn,
And dew-drops glisten'd on the thorn;
When skylarks tuned their carols sweet,
To hail the god of light and heat;
Philander, from his downy bed,
To fair Lisetta's chamber sped,
Crying: "Awake, sweet love of mine,
I'm come to be thy valentine".

Soft love, that balmy sleep denies,
Had long unveil'd her brilliant eyes,
Which (that a kiss she might obtain)
She artfully had clos'd again:
He sunk, thus caught in beauty's trap,
Like Phoebus into Thetis' lap,
And near forgot that his design
Was but to be her valentine.

She, starting, cried: "I am undone;
Philander, charming youth, be gone!
For this time, to your vows sincere,
Make virtue, not yourself, appear:
No sleep has closed these watchful eyes
(Forgive the simple fond disguise);
To gen'rous thoughts your heart incline,
And be my faithful valentine".

The brutal passion sudden fled,
Fair honour govern'd in its stead,
And both agreed, e'er setting sun,
To join two virtuous hearts in one;
Their beauteous offspring soon did prove
The sweet effects of mutual love;
And, from that hour to life's decline,
She bless'd the day of Valentine.