William Linley
(1771 - 1835)

Linley : O virgin pale : illustration

O virgin pale
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Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

O virgin pale, with anguish'd eye
(E'en mine are moist from sympathy),
Forbear your unavailing sighs.
For see, your wiser votaries
Nightly to me their homage pay,
To drown the real care of day.
'Tis better far my grape they borrow,
Better far than your imaginary sorrow.
See envy, love and jealousy,
Your slaves, their miscreant aid deny.
Thalia now, no longer coy,
With rapture courts the quick'ning joy;
Then quaff yourself the juice divine.
Come, let me woo and make thee mine.
Press'd to his glowing heart his arms
Seized and reviv'd her grief with charms.
Like the chill'd wretch the stormy deep
Escap'd, cherish'd, she sank to sleep.
The jolly god usurp'd her sway,
And threw the pois'nous draught away,
Hung rosy wreaths around her shrine,
And fill'd the deadly cup with wine.