François-Hippolyte Barthélemon
(1741 - 1808)

Barthélemon : Tell not me of your roses and lilies : illustration

Tell not me of your roses and lilies
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Sung by James Dodd, in a production of Garrick's The Country Girl, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1766. The Country Girl was an adaptation, acceptable to the Lord Chamberlain, of William Wycherley's The Country Wife.
Lyrics: David Garrick

Tell not me of your roses and lilies,
Which tinge the fair cheeks of your Phyllis;
Tell not me of the dimples and eyes,
For which silly Corydon dies.
Let all silly lovers go hang.
My heart wouold you hit,
Tip your arrows with wit,
And it comes to my heart with a twang.

I am rock to the handsome and pretty;
Can only be touched by the witty,
And Beauty may ogle in vain;
The way to my heart's thro' my brain.
Let all whining lovers go hang.
We wits, you must know,
Have two strings to our bow,
To return 'em their darts with a twang.