Samuel Scheidt
(1587 - 1654)

Scheidt : Psalllite unigenito : illustration

Psalllite unigenito
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Edition prepared from Cunis Solennib. Jesuli Recens, an anthology of Christmas music published in Legnica, 1646. Forces' directions are editorial, as is the keyboard realisation.

Presented as a free-standing motet in the source, the piece may also be found as one of the interpolations in Scheidt's Christmas Magnificat.
Lyrics: Anon

Psallite unigenito
Christo Dei Filio,
Redemptori Domino,
puerulo jacenti in præsepio.

Ein kleines Kindelein liegt in dem Krippelein.
Alle liebe Engelein dienen dem Kindelein.

Singt und klingt Jesu Gottes Kind,
Und Marien Söhnelein,
Unserm lieben Jesulein
Im Krippelein
Beim Öchslein und beim Eselein.

Sing praises to the only begotten Christ,
the Son of God,
the Lord Redeemer,
and a child lying in a manger.

A tiny babe lies in the crib.
All the living small angels serve the child.

Jesus, child of God, sings and chirrups;
Mary's tiny son;
our sweet small Jesus;
In the crib
with baby oxen and baby asses.